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The Queen of Joy!
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I Welcome You in Joy and Laughter!

Hi and welcome to your source for all that is JOYful.

I am Marion Roberts Lubinski, aka The Bubble Lady of Galena. I am a certified yoga teacher, storyteller, artist, author, and volunteer. I love quality time with my husband in the kitchen, music, animals and nature. I am passionate about promoting JOY and goodwill to all who are open.

Why bubbles, you may ask. To begin, the simple act of blowing bubbles promotes breathing as well as lightheartedness. Bubbles bring rainbows of color into our world. They remind us to lighten up, enjoy the moment. They speak to the inner child in us all.

Now a lesson in proper pronunciation. Joy is not one of those words meant to be flatly spoken. Rather, sing it with enthusiasm, with glee, the way it’s meant to be. Sing it clear and loud and long. Sing it as if you were an opera singer announcing the birth of a new dawn.


Feel the difference?

I am an orange. Don’t misunderstand. I am not a fruit nor fruitcake, although some people may initially think so.

I’m talking about chakras and the chakra I vibrate most closely with is the orange or second chakra.

Chakras are energy centers located inside the body. Seven major chakras run from tailbone to top of head. One important characteristic of the second chakra is JOOOYYY.

Did you remember to sing it? Try again. Give it your best shot: “…JOOOYYY!”

I’ve been on the path of JOYfulness for many years. My intent: to enlighten and inspire you, to bring laughter and light into your world. The light of my light illuminates the path.

Passion is a powerful force that cannot be stopped. –Moliere (1622-1673)


I AM passionate about all things JOYful. Come on in… the water’s fine!


I wish you well, my friend.





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